Beyond our chapel program, children in grades 1-8  receive religious knowledge instruction for one trimester each year. Students explore the sacred texts, the beliefs and the practices within the Christian tradition and the Episcopal church in particular.

  • In the lower school, emphasis is first placed on understanding the foundations of Judeo-Christian faith and practice through Bible stories. 
  • As students move through the upper division, they are introduced to a broader curriculum where they study the intersections between religion, ethics, and society. 

Because of our commitment to religious inclusion, the curriculum includes an introduction to world religions. Every child, regardless of his/her religious background, has a voice and place in our program of learning. St Hilda’s & St Hugh’s exists not only to educate, but to nurture a respect for the unique worth and beauty of all people as creations of a loving, empowering God. We intentionally cultivate virtues of wonder, kindness, forgiveness, tolerance, solidarity, equity, and love.

Over my 12 years at St. Hilda’s & St. Hugh's, I always felt like the school administration, faculty, and families embraced my Jain faith and sought to learn from the religious diversity that so many of us brought to the community. This experience made me more confident in sharing who I am with others.

Rohan Jain, Class of 2023