St. Hilda's & St. Hugh's school year began, in person, on Tuesday, Sept. 8, for students in nursery through eighth grade.

The first day of school for our Beginners students was Sept. 14.

New York City's decision to delay the opening of the public schools does not impact St. Hilda's & St. Hugh's re-opening plans.

St. Hilda’s & St. Hugh’s is committed to reopening school in the safest and most responsible manner possible, in accordance with local, state and national guidelines. The school’s first and abiding priority is the health and safety of every student, parent, faculty member, and staff member in our community. The goals of our re-opening program are to provide an exceptional academic program, to facilitate the optimal growth and development for every student, and to provide vital connection and support for every member of the community, which is particularly vital during this period of isolation.

In addition to guidelines from New York State, New York City, and the CDC, the school has sought guidance on reopening from several experts including local infectious diseases physicians, an epidemiologist, and a team of architects and engineers. The expertise of these professionals has bolstered the work of our community, including the head of the school, the nursing staff, the director of technology and other key administrative leaders, and the Board of Trustees.

We will keep this page updated with any developments.

Tentative Major Dates, 2020-2021

SEPTEMBER 8: First Day of In-Person School (N-Grade 8)
SEPTEMBER 8-11: Remote Students' Transition Week (N-Grade 8)
SEPTEMBER 11: Parent Orientation for Beginners Parents
SEPTEMBER 14: First Day of Remote School (N-Grade 8) 
SEPTEMBER 14/SEPTEMBER 15: Start of Beginners transition period (in-person & remote)
SEPTEMBER 21/SEPTEMBER 22: Full Beginners schedule begins (in-person & remote)

OCTOBER 9 and 12: Fall Weekend; school closed
OCTOBER 13: Option to join in-person school
OCTOBER 30: Faculty Professional Development Day; school closed
NOVEMBER 26-27: Thanksgiving Break; school closed
DECEMBER 21-JANUARY 3: Christmas Break; school closed

JANUARY 4: Classes Resume, option to join in-person school
JANUARY 18: Martin Luther King Jr. Day; school closed
FEBRUARY 15-16: Presidents Days; school closed
MARCH 1: Professional Development Day; school closed
MARCH 22-April 6: Spring Break; school closed (Easter falls into this period)
JUNE 9: Graduation

Travel Related Quarantine Requirement

Any family or child who travels outside of the tri-state area to a state on the restricted list is required to self-quarantine for 14 days before returning to campus, and self-monitor for symptoms. Anyone who travels internationally is also expected to self-quarantine for 14 days before returning to campus, and self-monitor for symptoms.


Due to our inability to supervise cleaning and student distancing on the bus, the likelihood of students from other schools riding the bus with our students, and the timing challenges that unpredictable bus arrival and dismissal present, we cannot recommend that students utilize the DOE bus this fall. We kindly ask that you make other arrangements for getting to school. We understand that this may present some challenges, but this rule is necessary for the safety of all of our students and staff.

If you chose for your child to ride the bus this year and would like to receive a MetroCard instead, please reach out to Kat Thompson ( MetroCards are only available to students in SK-Grade 8 who live a certain distance from school.
For the foreseeable future, we will not have space for scooter or bicycle parking at school.  


Online Learning Option

Our emphasis has been on making our in-person program safe and stable for our students and faculty. For those who have health considerations that prevent your child from being in school, we have offered an online program that will mirror the in-person program as much as possible.
PROGRAM: The classes and subjects offered remain consistent with our typical program; some necessary schedule adjustments have been made for cleaning and social distancing protocols.
The online program includes a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning, primarily during regular school hours with a couple of exceptions that are listed below. Lessons will be streamed for the student to tune in, watching the teacher at work. The teachers will be able to share their screens so that the children at home will see the content that is being presented. The school day for a remote learner will not be longer than the school day for an in-person learner, and there will be times throughout the day to account for snack, movement breaks, and lunch. Dedicated faculty are overseeing the online program for the remote students, being sure to include the at-home child in the school community as much as possible.
  • MUSIC: Throughout the school, music is remote for everyone and takes place synchronously after school hours.
    • Lower Division: Language instruction takes place synchronously, after school hours. Lower division language instruction involves a lot of singing and chanting, and due to respiratory hygiene guidelines, this makes online instruction preferable.
    • Upper Division: Language instruction takes place during the school day, at school.

Transition Between Online and In-Person

St. Hilda's & St. Hugh's has not created a hybrid school model. With permission from the school and prior notice, families may switch from in-person to online school at any point in the fall; however, children may only switch back to the in-person option on one of the re-entry dates (October 13 or January 4). Other re-entry dates (post-January) will be offered later in the winter as needed.

Our goal is to provide students and teachers with as much consistency and stability in their classroom routines as possible. Having students in and out of the classrooms on different days for reasons other than quarantine is disruptive to the individual student and to the social dynamic of the class, and it is challenging for teachers to plan their curricula. With permission, students can use the remote option only if they are in quarantine, either due to their own illness or someone in their household. For logistical reasons, the transition to online learning will require at least 24 hours’ notice.

If Absent Due to Illness or Other Factors: When children are sick, they need to rest and recover; they should not attend school remotely. If a student is out for another excused absence, he or she should attend to that reason for being out—an eighth grade school visit; funeral; doctor appointment, etc.

If the student is out for an unexcused absence, he or she also does not attend via remote. 

Families who choose to take vacation days away from in-person school will be marked as absent.

1:1 Program and Digital Learning Management Systems

The school has introduced a 1:1 program this year. Every child, whether learning at school or at home, is provided with a device that will provide access to all classroom content; iPads for Beginners through grade 3, and Chromebooks for grades 4-8.
In addition, we have adopted two learning management systems—Showbie for the lower division, and Google Classroom for the upper division. These learning management systems will allow for the sharing of material and submission of assignments. Guidance on these devices and systems has been provided.



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Shauna Volson, R.N.

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