Welcome to our Teachers' Corner! Our incredible faculty have worked hard to design fun, interactive lessons to complete with their students while they are at home. Each project and activity is carefully created to be developmentally appropriate for students in specific grade levels, however we think that you may find many of them to be fun for all ages. We hope you enjoy stopping in to virtually visit different teachers and to see what's happening in our 'St. Hilda's & St. Hugh's Online' classrooms!


'Amazing Grace' sung by Ms. Soleimany 

During summer camp, faculty read bedtime stories online every night. On one special occasion, Ms. Soleimany sang a lullaby after the bedtime story. Here she is performing 'Amazing Grace'. We hope you enjoy it as much as well all did. 

Craft and Cooking with Ms. Gardner in Upper Division Camp

Ms. Gardner led Upper Division campers in crafts and cooking projects during summer camp. They made tie-dye with turmeric powder, recycled magazines by making origami envelopes to hold letters sent to nursing homes, participated in a cooking class where they made Rice Krispies treats, and drew 3D hands!

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Upper Division Campers' Art

Art Projects with Ms. Ivanov in Upper Division Camp

Ms. Ivanov taught many different art lessons through live online meets with upper division students this summer. Campers were given the opportunity to work alongside Ms. Ivanov after she introduced a diverse range of projects using a variety of mediums. Graffiti writing, drawing eyes, creating a temple, and landscapes were a few of the subjects that were learned in depth.

view student summer art gallery


Rube Goldberg machines with Ms. Nesbit in Upper Division Camp

In Upper Division science camp, campers designed and built Rube Goldberg machines. The object was to perform a basic task in a complicated way using simple machines (incorporating inclined planes, levers, pulleys, etc.) and chain reactions, like Dominoes and marble runs. Students were encouraged to use recycled materials and other items that they had on hand at home which could be repurposed. 

watch videos of student machines


Sidewalk Chalk with Ms. Lesser in Lower Division Camp

Ms. Lesser showed campers her three sidewalk chalk designs which together created the message "I love St. Hilda's & St. Hugh's". She shared other inspirational images and invited the campers to create their own outdoor art. Here are some fun ideas to get you started.  

sidewalk chalk inspiration



Graffiti Project with Ms. Ivanov in Upper Division Camp

Ms. Ivanov led a class on graffiti to study the proportions, shapes, and formatting of one, specific sample font. She encourages students to look up tons of different fonts to practice and learn from when they are first starting out. 

download sample font

Foodie Creature with Ms. Cirigliano in Early Childhood

As part of the Early Childhood's weekly special events, Ms. Cirigliano and student guests created this unique creature by working together. Students gave suggestions about types of food to incorporate as different parts of the body. Some drew along and made their own creatures, while others participated by sharing ideas. The end result thrilled everyone and can be used as a coloring sheet or inspiration to draw your own food creature. 


Plant Watercolor with Ms. Paull in Lower School

As part of the Lower School's weekly special events, Ms. Paull taught students how to make their own watercolor paints using vegetable plants. 

plant watercolor instructions

Multilingual Read-Aloud
'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' with Ms. Jordan-Levy, Ms.Ortega, and Ms. Peng in Lower Division

Listen to our Lower Division language teachers reading 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle in French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and English. 

Butterfly Release with Ms. Snyder in Beginners

After weeks of watching their caterpillars transform into butterflies, the Beginner students were thrilled to witness Ms. Snyder releasing them on a sunny, spring day. 

Mini Notebooks with Ms. Vila Trujillo in Upper Division

Ms. Vila Trujillo shows how to make mini notebooks in this fun, craft video. You will need markers, paper, and scissors for this project. 

Art Project Worksheets
by Ms. Ivanov in Upper Division

Each week, Ms. Ivanov's beautiful, artwork shows grades 4-8 students how to complete their projects in step-by-step worksheets. 

Upper Division Art Project Worksheets


'Mother's Day Watercolor' Art Project with Ms. Cirigliano in Lower Division

Every year, during the first week of May, all of the Lower Division classes make watercolor paintings for Mother's Day. This long-standing tradition is a beautiful gift that everyone loves and so this year, Ms. Cirigliano is teaching her Mother's Day Watercolor from her home so that you can complete it in yours. 

mother's day watercolor Instructions

Discovery Lesson: 'Ice Melting Experiment' with Ms. Luciani in Nursery

Each week, teachers from the Nursery team lead the classes in science discovery lessons. Ms. Luciani conducted an experiment to find out which substance makes ice melt most quickly? Sand, salt, or baking soda? 

Flower Measurement with Ms. Aguilar in Senior Kindergarten

As part of their measuring unit, Ms. Aguilar showed the Senior Kindergarten students how to use unique measurement tools that can be found at home to measure different sized flower drawings. 

'Sight Word Tic Tac Toe' with Ms. Clark in Senior Kindergarten

Learn how to create your own 'Sight Word Tic Tac Toe' game to play with a partner. By creating your own word cards, you can adjust to practice spelling at any level. 

Measuring with Paper Strips with Ms. Washington in Senior Kindergarten

As part of their measuring unit, Ms. Washington showed the Senior Kindergarten students how to create their own measurement tools using printer paper, scissors, and colored markers. 

'Caterpillars to Chrysalides' with Ms. McNeill in Nursery

The students in Nursery S were able to check-in and see what their class's caterpillars had been up to this week.  

PE Online with Mr. Fritz and Ms. Gardner in Upper Division 

Workout with Mr. Fritz and Ms. Gardner at home! This is a preview of an online PE class. It includes a warm-up and the first part of a weight series. You will need 2 cans of food or 2 water bottles for the weight series. For the complete list of exercises click below.

Full workout routine list

'W' Week Wednesday Workout with Ms. Miller in Junior Kindergarten

In honor of 'W' Week, Ms. Miller  created a fun ladder workout routine for her students. You can use cans of food, water bottles, or a bag with books in it as weights. Fun for all ages.

'w' week wednesday workout exercise list 

Ball Handling with Coach Gardner in Upper Division

A basketball ball handling routine you can do anywhere to help you practice and strengthen your skills.

Eggs-ercise with Ms. Crimmins in Lower Division

Ms. Crimmins and her children show you how you can reuse old, plastic Easter eggs as part of a healthy game. Simply write down exercises and other activities such as "eat a healthy snack" to select at random and complete at any time during the day. 

Pass the Ball with our PE Team

No matter where you are, you can stay active! Here is some motivation from our incredible PE team. Go Hawks!

'She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain' Sing-along with Mr. Olney in Lower School

A favorite song in grades 1-3 music. Practice singing along with Mr. Olney. 

'Stand By Me' with the St. Hilda's & St. Hugh's Faculty Choir

Our faculty choir's musical tribute to students and parents. 

Discovery Lesson: 'Gummy Bear Experiment' with Ms. McNeill in Nursery

Each week, teachers from the Nursery team lead the classes in science discovery lessons. Ms. McNeill conducted an experiment to find out what happens to gummy bears soaked in different types of water overnight. 


'Drawing Gems' Art Project
with Ms. Cirigliano for Faculty (or Upper Division students)

If you are tired of Netflix and crossword puzzles and have "extra" time on your hands,  this is a family friendly art activity that Ms. Cirigliano put together for her colleagues which is also suitable for older students.

Drawing gems Instructions

'V' Week Volcano Project with Ms. Harder in Junior Kindergarten

In celebration of 'V' Week, Ms. Harder demonstrated a fun erupting volcano project to do at home. Afterward, one Junior Kindergarten student shared a video with her teachers of herself expertly completing the experiment at her own home! 

watch Ms. harder's volcano video

easy erupting volcano instructions


French Music
'Si Tu Aimes Le Soleil' Sing-Along with Ms. Jordan-Levy in Nursery French

Sung to the tune of 'If You're Happy and You Know It'. This familiar children's song helps students practice following directions and vocabulary for parts of the body in French.

'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle Read-Aloud with Ms. Snyder in Beginners

Written and illustrated by Eric Carle, 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' follows the life-cycle of a caterpillar as it eats and grows into a butterfly. Read by Ms. Snyder. 


Building a Rainbow' Art Project
with Ms. Cirigliano in Early Childhood

This is a wonderful way to re-examine several materials and techniques that we have used throughout the year, and the little ones especially enjoy using the rainbow as a symbol for spring.

building a rainbow Instructions

Discovery Lesson: 'What Dissolves in Water?' with Ms. Peña in Nursery

Each week, teachers from the Nursery team lead the classes in science discovery lessons. Ms. Peña conducted an experiment to find out which household substances dissolve in water.

'There's a Hole in the Bucket' Sing-along with Mr. Olney in Lower School

A favorite song in grades 1-3 music. Practice singing along with Mr. Olney. 

'U' Week Umbrella Craft Project
with Ms. Doré
  in Junior Kindergarten 

As part of their Letter-of-the-Week program in Junior Kindergarten, Ms. Doré showed students how to make a fun, 3-D umbrella card to celebrate 'U' Week. 

Food Activity
Eating the Colors of the Rainbow Challenge with Ms. Harder  in Junior Kindergarten 

In celebration of Pastel Week, Ms. Harder invited students to challenge themselves by trying to eat foods in every color of the rainbow over the course of a week. They will share their results on Friday.

'There Was A Tree' by Rachel Isadora Story Singalong
with Ms. Minifie in Beginners 

A favorite children's song becomes a colorful book filled with African wildlife. Also known as "The Green Grass Grew All Around." 


'Celery Roses' Art Project
with Ms. Cirigliano in Lower School

Before you toss that useless end of the celery in the compost bin, why not try turning it into art.

Celery roses Instructions

'T' Week Taco Tuesday
with Ms. Pozerski
  in Junior Kindergarten 

As part of their Letter-of-the-Week program in Junior Kindergarten, Ms. Pozerski invited her students to make tacos to celebrate 'T' Week. 

No-Sew Face Mask
with Ms. Cirigliano 

In only a few steps, Ms. Cirigliano demonstrates how to make your own face mask without any sewing required.

Lime Mint Slushy 
with Ms. Snyder in Beginners

Ms. Snyder invited the Beginners into her kitchen to teach them how to make her favorite dessert, a Lime Mint Slushy. 

Lime Mint Slushy Recipe


Discovery Lesson: Sink and Float 
with Ms. Staples in Nursery

Each week, teachers from the Nursery team lead the classes in science discovery lessons. Ms. Staples conducted an experiment to find out which objects sink and which ones float.



'Salty Hearts' Art Project
with Ms. Cirigliano in Junior Kindergarten 

Our Lower Division Art Teacher, Ms. Cirigliano, designed this art project for her Junior Kindergarten class using materials that may be found in many homes. 

Salty Hearts Instructions

'Rocky Mountain' Sing-along 
with Ms. Soleimany in Early Childhood

Early Childhood Music Teacher, Ms. Soleimany, sings "Rocky Mountain" which is a common opening singalong song in the Beginners and Nursery music classes. This extended version includes practicing animal sounds while singing at the end.

'NOT A BOX' by Antoinette Portis Read-Aloud
with Ms. Pennoyer in Lower Division

A box is just a box . . . unless it's not a box. From mountain to rocket ship, a small rabbit shows that a box will go as far as the imagination allows.