Senior Kindergarten

The senior kindergarten program begins our full-day (8:25 a.m.-2:50 p.m.) five-day a week schedule with the option of after school or enrichment courses. 

Enlightened by a sense of independence and an enthusiasm for knowledge, senior kindergarten students boldly take on many new challenges. Daily choice time, recess and physical education classes provide boys and girls with the opportunity to invigorate their bodies, minds, and spirits. In the classroom, students firm up their letter-sound correspondence and learn sight words. Students in senior kindergarten are introduced to creative writing sessions where the focus is on creative expression and invented spelling (spelling using one’s phonological knowledge). During this important year of growth, it is our belief that reading is a developmental skill best nurtured through exposure and never forced. Students work with teachers in small groups geared towards readiness and an interest in meeting each child where he or she is, helping them to reach their next milestone. 

Senior kindergarten students enjoy special subject classes such as secondary language (French, Spanish, or Mandarin Chinese), studio art, music using the Kodaly style of teaching, greenhouse, science, daily physical education and library. Students also participate in daily recess on our rooftop playdeck and join grades 1-3 for Chapel once a week.


  • Students must be at least age 5 by September 1
  • Full-day (8:25 a.m. to 2:50 p.m.) program, five days per week, with the option of after school or enrichment courses
  • Literacy curriculum nurtures beginning and pre-reading skills as well as writing skills
  • Focus on using phonemic, or invented, spelling to help solidify letter-sound correspondence
  • Introduction to different genres of writing, such as personal narratives, opinion writing, expository writing, and journal writing
  • Author studies introduce different storytelling techniques, help students to understand the elements of a story, and demonstrate story sequencing
  • Special subjects include: secondary language (French, Spanish, or Mandarin Chinese), art, music (using the Kodály method), greenhouse, science, movement, and library
  • Thematic units include a study of community and what it means to be a good citizen, New York City and its transportation system, landmarks, and parks
  • Field trips include the New York Botanical Garden, Little Red Lighthouse, and the New York Transit Museum
  • Daily recess and physical education
  • Introduction to the Chapel experience, with attendance each Wednesday
A gallery of students' self-portraits in a private Kindergarten class

Each month, Senior Kindergarten students create self-portraits using different materials. The classroom boards stay up not only to display all of their hard work but to also celebrate diversity and the uniqueness of each member of the group. At the end of the school year, the collections that are taken home reflect the ongoing development that is experienced over the course of Senior Kindergarten.


Meet the Senior Kindergarten Team