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Evangeline Warren '10
Evangeline Warren '10

Evangeline Warren ‘10 has had an interest in local politics since she first donated to a city candidate in middle school. Now a graduate student in sociology at Ohio State, and candidate for Columbus Ward 33's Central Committee representative, she deeply values social equality and works to eradicate injustice through activism, research, and engagement. By prioritizing transparency in politics, advocacy for marginalized groups, and representation at the local level, Eva looks forward to championing the needs of her community.

“Many of the values I hold deeply, like fairness, compassion, and caring for others, drive my campaign and draw their roots from my time at St. Hilda's & St. Hugh’s. From participating in the Thanksgiving Food Chain to studying the effects of the Panic of 1819, St. Hilda's taught me just how interconnected and interdependent we are.”

Throughout her campaign, Eva has continued to emphasize that she is not running to become a politician but rather to serve the people around her.