Class of 2018 Gift

As the class of 2018 approaches graduation from St. Hilda‘s & St. Hugh‘s this June, they are continuing a tradition begun by the class of 2011 to make a gift back to the school as a way of saying thank you.

In the spirit of generosity and compassion, the eighth grade voted earlier this month to raise money for a test preparation scholarship. They believe this gift will have the most meaningful impact on the lives of our students and will be a fitting tribute to the school and teachers who helped them grow academically and spiritually.

The suggested donation is $20.18, but the goal is that everyone contributes, so any size gift is welcome! Eighth grade parents are invited to match their child’s gift, dollar for dollar, or at whatever amount they are comfortable.

This mini-campaign will run from May 14-18The progress bar on this page will rise as we approach the goal of 100 percent participation. You can use a credit card or debit card to make a gift below or students can bring cash or check donations to school—ask Mr. Wang or Ms. Wentworth for an envelope during homeroom.

Thank you for helping the class of 2018 leave this meaningful gift!

Our Progress Thus Far










Make Your Class Gift!



Sofia Alukal '18
Scarlett Beard '18
Jetta Bernardin '18
Maximiliano Bitar '18
Anna Brown '18
Jack Cabot '18
Peter Cross '18
Ryan Finlay '18
William Franks '18
Diego Gonzalez '18
Sofia Hattiangadi '18
Ciaran Henry '18
Katherine Hudson '18
Tim Lacy '18
Tessa LaFauci '18
Sophia Menacho '18
Benjamin Metcalf '18
Jana Mitchell '18
Flynn Nesbit '18
Ava Newley '18
Laura O'Sullivan '18
Alicia Pagan '18
Carrie Rose '18
Max Rose '18
Selena Sanchez '18
Julian Silverman '18
Caroline Smith '18
Clara Sousa '18
Jasper Svenvold McPhee '18
Herbert Toler '18
Katherine Tupac-Yupanqui '18
Morgan Wright '18
Peyton Wright '18


Dr. James Bernardin and Ms. Julie Chang
Mr. Rodrigo Bitar and Mrs. Paula Campos
Ms. Ann Brown
Mr. Blake Cabot and Mrs. Elizabeth Cabot
Mr. James Cross and Ms. Kara McMahon Cross
Mr. Erik Echevarria and Ms. Jessica Figueroa-Echevarria
Dr. David Finlay and Ms. Leesa Galatz
Mr. Les Franks and Ms. Amy McNally
Mr. Victor Gonzalez and Ms. Aruna Khanna Gonzalez
Ms. Yohany Gonzalez
Mrs. Kristin Hattiangadi
Mr. David Henry and Mrs. Valerie Henry
Mr. Robinson Lacy and Ms. Karen Doeblin
Mr. Rich LaFauci and Ms. Anne O'Brien
Mr. Carlos Menacho and Mrs. Amie Miller Menacho
Mr. Guy Metcalfe and Ms. Lisa Metcalfe
Dr. Kendall Mitchell and Ms. Jennifer Mitchell
Ms. Angela Tassoni Newley
Mr. Patrick O'Sullivan and Mrs. Scarlett O'Sullivan
Ms. Naa Robinson
Mr. Smedes Rose
Mr. Oscar Sanchez
Mr. Alex Silverman and Mrs. Barbara Silverman
Mr. Adam Smith and Mrs. Melanie Smith
Mr. Nuno Sousa and Dr. Sonia Pereira
Mr. Mark Svenvold and Ms. Martha McPhee
Dr. Herbert Toler Jr. and Dr. Erica King-Toler
Mr. Julio Tupac-Yupanqui and Mrs. Katherine Tupace-Yupanqui
Mr. Christopher Wright and Mrs. Sandra Wright
Ms. Deborah Wright


Ms. Joan Wentworth
Ms. Valerie Morel