What is the Securing A Legacy Endowment Campaign for Faculty Excellence and Financial Aid?
The Securing our Legacy Campaign seeks support from our community to grow the St. Hilda’s & St. Hugh’s endowment in order to enable long-term planning, ensure the financial health of the school, and support the vision for moving it forward. Income from the endowment helps to underwrite faculty compensation and benefits so that we may continue to retain and attract exceptional teachers and provide them with a livelihood that truly reflects our esteem for their work. Endowment income also helps to ensure that our generous financial aid program will continue to draw bright, qualified students and families who otherwise would not be able to afford a St. Hilda’s & St. Hugh’s education.

Why do we need to grow our endowment?
We are behind our peer schools in the size of our endowment and behind in how we compensate our faculty. Building St. Hilda’s & St. Hugh’s current endowment will enable the school to:

  • Provide compensation that reflects the important work of our teachers
  • Allow us to provide aid to a greater number of low-income and middle-income New Yorkers
  • Allow operating budget dollars currently used for tuition assistance to be channeled into program growth

Growing the endowment will ensure these improvements regardless of changes in the economy or enrollment.

Whom do I contact for more information?
Please direct all inquiries about Securing A Legacy to Michele Haberland, Director of Development at mhaberland@sthildas.org or 212-932-1980 x306 

Steering Committee

*Imran Siddiqui P ‘19, ‘20, ‘26
*Sorin Siddiqui P ‘19, ‘20, ‘26
*Tea Zegarac-Pollock P ‘16, ‘22
Jacqueline Barker P ‘21, ‘23, ‘28
John Cokinos Jr. P ‘22, ‘24, ‘24
Lisa Cokinos P ‘22, ‘24, ‘24
Marina Colettis P ‘14, ‘17
Kathleen A. Draghi P ‘14, ‘15
Lucia Fanjul P ‘20, ‘23
W. Keyes Hill-Edgar P ‘15, ‘17, ‘20
Allison A. Hill-Edgar P ‘15, ‘17, ‘20
Susan Jang P ‘17, ‘23
Thomas Kuck P ‘15, ‘20
Jenni Lanktree P ‘25, ‘26, ‘29
Kenneth Lee P ‘17, ‘23
Juan Pablo Mejia P ‘20, ‘23
Ashley N. Modisett P ‘21, ‘22, ‘26
Matthew Ripperger P ‘19, ‘23
Cristina Ripperger P ‘19, ‘23
Amelia T. R. Starr P ‘17, ‘20
Liam Stewart P ‘21, ‘23, ‘28
Matthew Ziehl P ‘17, ‘20

*Steering Committee Chair