Upper Division Music: The Chance to Choose

With the strong musical foundation established in the lower division, students in the upper division are ready to choose between Brass Band and Chorus.

Then in seventh and eighth grade, students can join the instrumental ensemble, which allows them to expand their musical repertoire through study of percussion, handbells, and other new instruments. From a developmental perspective, this option gives choral students whose voices may be changing a chance to perform with greater confidence. 

Our school is alive with music. From room to room, the sounds echo through the halls – chapel hymns, accompanied by our Rieger pipe organ, horns in our brass band, and performances by our choruses and instrumental ensemble.

At each grade level, it is our goal to instill a love of music and to encourage children to joyfully make music. Our method of teaching is rooted in the Kodály Method, an approach that places emphasis on the ability to:

  • Sing, or play, traditional folk songs from a variety of cultures and heritages
  • Listen to, analyze, and perform the great music of the world
  • Achieve mastery of musical reading and writing
  • Improvise and compose

Field trips, performances, special projects, and guest artists enhance the musical education program. The school also offers after-school music study in piano, violin, flute/recorder, guitar, and voice.

Brass Band

Founded in 1995 by Dr. Douglas Hedwig, the St. Hilda's & St. Hugh's Brass Band is modeled after the "British-style" brass bands that evolved in England during the 19th century. It was the first school-based band of its kind in the United States. The brass band uses cornets and alto horns as its soprano and tenor instruments, and baritones, euphoniums, trombones, and tubas as its baritone and bass instruments. Percussion was added in 2002. The band performs in concerts and has toured in England.

Upper Division Spring Concert 2018