Visual Arts

When students enter the upper division, the visual arts curriculum empowers them to express themselves visually in increasingly sophisticated ways. Students build upon the skills they have developed in the lower division and further develop their own own visual vocabulary.

Our approach to art rejects the notion that visual art is only for the few. With a strong foundation born out of exposure to so many modes of expression during their early childhood and lower school years, students in the upper division are ready to explore and experiment with more sophisticated methods and media.

”The projects are sophisticated, but approachable," says Upper Division Art Teacher Lily Ivanov. ”Enjoyment comes when students feel confident and capable of accomplishing what they set out to do." 

To have a whole floor dedicated to art is a rare gift to give our students. ”Lily Ivanov, Upper Division Art
Faculty Since 2014


Curriculum Highlights

  • Creation of ceramic animals in fourth grade
  • Woodshop projects: building working wooden lamps and designing and creating wooden trays
  • Plaster and wire armature marionettes with wooden controls
  • “Exquisite Anthropomorphis” handmade books
  • Stop-motion film-making unit in eighth grade, the culmination of the skills students have developed in both the lower and upper divisions