'Our Grandparents' Lower Division Chapel by Ms. Soleimany

"Good morning lower division. I’ve been thinking about Special Visitors Day, and of all the wonderful people who will be coming to our school on Friday: aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, family friends, nannies, babysitters, and any of the other special grownups in our lives. Others of us will get to spend time that morning with our classmates and beloved teachers. It reminds me of my own special visitors day when I was in third grade. My grandma visited my classroom for a special tea with my friends and teachers. I loved showing my grandma my school, and I loved showing my school, my grandma. Just remembering that time makes me feel so happy.

There is an old expression that some people use when talking about raising a child. The expression is “it takes a village,” meaning that children, and really all of us, have lots of people in our lives that love us and spend time with us. They help us to become the people we are. Special visitors day is a time to honor all the people that make our lives more loving and meaningful, and for me, those special people were my grandparents. In addition to thinking of my own grandparents, I began to wonder about other people’s grandparents. What are other people’s grandparents like? What are they called? What do other people do with their grandparents? Well, I’ve done some research and asked your teachers these very same questions. They provided such great stories of their grandparents. I wanted to share them with you this morning."