“Compassionate Leaders” Honor Patron Saints with Schoolwide Day of Service

“Compassionate Leaders” Honor Patron Saints with Schoolwide Day of Service


Singing at a nursing home; baking for local firefighters; and making cards, decorations, and treats for a neighborhood soup kitchen were just some of the ways that students observed St. Hilda’s & St. Hugh’s Day, an annual, schoolwide day of service that honors the school’s patron saints, Hilda of Whitby and Hugh of Lincoln.

“Our goal as a school is to educate compassionate leaders who are equipped to change the world for the better,” said Head of School Virginia Connor. “Hilda and Hugh were people who used their gifts and talents for the good of others. It is fitting that we honor them by doing good works ourselves.”

St. Hilda’s & St. Hugh’s has a close relationship with Broadway Community Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry, which is located just down the street, so several grades took on projects to serve that organization. Fourth graders and nursery students teamed up to create a large, hand-made wreath that will decorate the soup kitchen, second graders made placemats for its Thanksgiving meal service, senior kindergarteners made holiday cards for the diners there, and junior kindergarteners baked treats for their dessert. Eighth graders sliced potatoes and otherwise assisted with the soup kitchen’s food preparation.

Amsterdam Nursing Home is another frequent service partner. Members of the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade chorus sang for the seniors there. “I could listen to them all day,” one woman in attendance remarked. Back at school, third graders painted ceramic flower pots that will be planted in the school’s greenhouse; later this season, the students will deliver them to the nursing home as presents.

First graders chose to support the local fire house, Engine 47 on 113th Street, baking treats and making cards to thank the firefighters for their service.

Upper school students worked for causes closer to home; fifth graders baked treats for the maintenance and food service staffs, while sixth and seventh graders prepared the Christmas ornaments for the school tree. A group of eighth graders assisted in some of the early childhood classrooms.

The community’s service efforts will continue next week with the Thanksgiving Food Chain, another annual initiative that serves Broadway Community’s Food Pantry. Click here for a video of the Food Chain.