Kindergarten Students Learn “How To” Help the Greenhouse Thrive

When Greenhouse Keeper Lauren Paull noticed that younger students were overwatering plants in the greenhouse, she turned to the senior kindergarten to impart this important lesson. 

Incorporating the “how to” journals that SK students write in class, Ms. Paull offered a lesson on how to water the plants. The students tended three asparagus plants—one was watered too much, one not enough, and one just right—and then observed them for a few days. They were able to see the results of following the steps correctly.

"This was a wonderful way to reinforce the students’ “how to” work that they are doing in their class, and also to help them cultivate good habits in the greenhouse,” said Ms. Paull. “The students recognized the important role they play in caring for greenhouse plants, which are shared by the entire community.”