Message from the Head of School Concerning Family Separation

This message was sent on Friday, June 22, 2018, to the St. Hilda's & St. Hugh's community:

Dear Families, Faculty, and Alumni,

I know that you join me in my profound sadness concerning the crisis at the southern border and the separation of children from their parents. As educators and parents, we feel deeply the fear and grief that these families are experiencing. As a school, we stand by the words of our mission and our essential philosophy: that all creation is sacred, and that childhood must be protected and cherished. 

The Golden Rule—"Treat others as you wish to be treated"—is one that even our youngest students endeavor to follow each day. It is my prayer that the spirit of this message can be shared and followed throughout the nation and the world, by individuals and governments alike.

News of this crisis is hard to avoid. However, I urge you to take the age of your children into account and be extremely cautious and protective of them. This issue strikes at the heart of every child's deepest fears. Be attentive to your children's behavior, even if you think they have not seen or read news stories about this, and assure them of their safety and your steadfast love for them.

I know many of you are eager to take action in support of the parents and children who are affected. At this time, New Yorkers have responded with so much passion that the volume of donations has outpaced the ability of officials and organizations to manage them. I encourage you to stay connected to the local organizations that are providing outreach, as their requests and appeals are changing by the minute. 

However, the need for prayers and solidarity will never be exhausted. I hope that you join me in praying for the parents and children who are separated from one another, that they be reunited quickly and that they find healing together. We pray for the people, organizations, and agencies working with migrant families. And we pray for our leadership, that their efforts be guided by wisdom and compassion.

With love,



Virginia Connor
Head of School