New Questions Posted on the Upper Division GeoGames Trivia Board

The GeoGames Trivia board, located on the fourth floor, is run by Duane Bailey-Castro (Grade 6 Homeroom and Social Studies, Upper Division Photography, Upper Division Leadership Initiatives Coordinator) and is open to all Upper Division students. 

After the inaugural Grades 4-8 Geography Bee in May 2019, the GeoGames Trivia board was created in response to the enthusiasm that the event generated. Throughout the school year, a new set of 5 questions is posted every 2 weeks. Questions are based upon a map which is displayed below on the board. Anyone who is interested may submit answers on a blank piece of paper, and everyone who answers all of the questions correctly wins a small prize. Mr. Bailey-Castro explains, "The GeoGames Trivia board and spring Geography Bee competition provide additional opportunities for geography to be studied at school. It can be challenging to find ample time to do this important work regularly in the standard curriculum. The GeoGames Trivia board is intended to get students excited about geography, maps, and flags and to encourage all students to engage in this content, especially those who might think they aren't skilled when it comes to geography." 

Can you answer all of the recently posted GeoGames Trivia questions? 
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