PE Program Makes the Most of In-Person Time and Outdoor Spaces

PE Program Makes the Most of In-Person Time and Outdoor Spaces


Though the lower school can’t host its annual P.E. show this year, that hasn’t stopped students from scooting, shooting, dribbling, and jumping in the gymnasium, trying out new games, learning to strategize, and practicing teamwork. Likewise, while protocols limited team sports opportunities, upper division student-athletes are exploring new territory, working on individual skills, and bringing a cooperative, adaptable spirit to each class.

“We have the space and equipment, and our staff has the creativity and experience, to create a truly engaging physical education experience despite the rigorous protocols in place,” says Patti Lesser, Director of P.E. and Athletics. “Our students have been incredibly resilient, and they show tremendous respect and appreciation for their teachers. It has been a joy to see.”

In both divisions, students are working on eye-hand coordination and individual skills through traditional games like hockey, basketball and ski-ball. The wealth of equipment that the school has available (thanks to annual fund contributions) means that students do not have to share equipment and can practice skills and drills safely.

Lower school students have delighted in rolling through the gym on scooters, developing different muscle groups.Teachers have also set up hula hoop courses that students navigate, exercising both their bodies and their problem-solving skills.

With the onset of better weather, the playdeck and porte cochere maximize play space, and Riverside Park is another important resource.

“Our teachers have combined nature walks in Riverside Park with tabata workouts and other fitness challenges, and the students have embraced these new experiences,” says Ms. Lesser.

“We know there have been many disappointments this year, so we want to do all that we can to engage them. These classmates enjoy each other’s company and the chance to play together.”