Student-Led Recycling Campaign: Think Small for Big Change

Student-Led Recycling Campaign: Think Small for Big Change


Greenhouse and Science Teacher Lauren Paull teamed up with Lucia L., a seventh grader and student council member, to think critically about environmental justice, focusing on the journey that our refuse takes from consumption to disposal. During Upper Division Community Time this week, they emphasized small yet meaningful changes students and teachers can employ to better use and recycle classroom materials.

“Where does our trash go when we throw it ‘away?’” Ms. Paull asked? “How much does it cost us—financially, environmentally, socially and health-wise—to throw something away?”

Ms. Paul and Lucia invited students to follow the divergent paths that could be taken by a plastic water bottle—one mistakenly tossed into a classroom trash can and ultimately driven to an out of state landfill, and another when it is properly recycled.

To demystify the recycling process and connect it to St. Hilda’s & St. Hugh's daily routines, Lucia kicked off the upper division’s “Recycle, Don’t Trash” campaign, inviting upper division students to submit posters educating the community about what is recycled, how to recycle, and why we should recycle. Posters will address any one or all of the questions above and will be displayed throughout the school to help answer the question, “What recycling goes where and why?”

Throughout the school, students celebrated Earth Day, exploring sustainability topics in a variety of subjects and finding ways to make a difference in their own classrooms.