Students Celebrate 100 Days of School

Students Celebrate 100 Days of School


The 100th day of school is always a milestone for early childhood and lower school classes, but in this year full of masks and social distancing, the day was extra special. Throughout the second and third floors (and in online classes too), students engaged in a variety of counting, building, writing, and sorting activities to celebrate the number 100. 

Reaching the 100th day of school was made possible by our community’s continued commitment to our health and safety protocols, which have enabled us to be safely in-person, full time, throughout the year.

To celebrate, SK classes joined their eighth grade buddies for a virtual 100th day dance party, making collections of 100 stickers, decorating 100th day hats, and writing about, “If I had $100…”, "I could eat 100", and "When I am 100 years old..."

SK and the eighth graders also joined forces to surprise Nicole Johnson, our lower division director, for her birthday—she received 100 “Brown E’s” (brownies) on a poster-sized birthday card. Many of the eighth graders had Ms. Johnson as a teacher in the third grade, so they were especially excited to surprise her with this “sweet” card.

In JK classes, students celebrated the 100th day by putting 100 stickers on a giant cut-out 100, reading a story about the 100th day of school, building a structure out of 100 cups, and making 100th day crowns to wear.