Welcome to St. Hilda’s & St. Hugh’s

St. Hilda’s & St. Hugh’s is a school for children. We welcome boys and girls as young as 2 for our early childhood and elementary programs.


A lawyer and criminal justice reformer, Janos Marton ’96 most recently led the campaign to close the Rikers Island Jail Complex. Janos is still driven by the values his teachers imparted—morality, civics, and service to community. “It’s so important to remember how far you can get by caring about the people around you and showing a little kindness,” Janos says.

Technology classes at St. Hilda’s & St. Hugh’s build upon the curriculum of each grade. As the second grade embarked upon their year-long study of the world, their technology class went along on the journey, with a stop-motion movie project to illustrate the movement of the continents, and a re-creation of the Q'eswachaka Rope Bridge in Peru, which is the last remaining example of the Incan handwoven bridges that were built within the Incan road system.

“Our commitment to service comes out of a religious imperative to serve the needs of the poor, just as our patron saints did,” said Head of School Virginia Connor. “It’s why their feast days are marked by days of service—both Hilda and Hugh dedicated their lives to caring for others.”

“‘Always a Hawk’ means doing your best every day. It means that when it’s time to represent your school in uniform, you know how to be a supportive teammate, to be coachable, to work hard, to balance academics, and to represent us with pride.”

Our Community

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