Welcome to St. Hilda’s & St. Hugh’s

St. Hilda’s & St. Hugh’s is a school for children. We welcome boys and girls as young as 2 for our early childhood and elementary programs.


“We have the space and equipment, and our staff has the creativity and experience, to create a truly engaging physical education experience despite the rigorous protocols in place,” says Director of P.E. and Athletics. “Our students have been incredibly resilient, and they show tremendous respect and appreciation for their teachers. It has been a joy to see.”

As part of the Science Department’s “Spotlight on Female Scientists” for Women’s History Month, students in Steven Schwartz’s seventh grade classes had a chance to listen to a presentation by the renowned molecular biologist Dr. Melanie Dobson. 

The 100th day of school is always a milestone for early childhood and lower division classes, but in this year full of masks and social distancing, the day was extra-special.

Music teachers Beth Soleimany and Jude Olney share their advice for inspiring children to joyfully make music. Incorporating music into your child’s life is easy and extremely beneficial to healthy child development.

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