Reading provides opportunities for children to develop an understanding of themselves and the world. A heightened sense of empathy develops from the exposure of books that reflect a reader’s culture and identity, as well as having access to books that allows students to peek into the lives of those that are different from them. 

During library time, students are reminded that they are in charge of their learning. Beginning in Nursery, students are encouraged to explore the library’s collection to find books that satisfy their curiosity, nurture their personal or academic interests, or to read and experience the ultimate escapism. The library is invested in helping parents raise readers, because “the child who reads becomes an adult who thinks,” and he or she will be more prepared to “understand and contribute to a diverse, changing world.” 

The collection of the C.V. Starr Library supports all readers from emerging to proficient, with a focus on titles that reflect diversity in all subject areas that supports the school’s curriculum and  students’ independent reading goals. It is designed to encourage scholarly thinking through personal growth that comes from reading for pleasure.