The focus of the upper school program is on preparing students for the next phase of their education. Through classroom discussions and research projects, they further develop their skills of summarization, analysis, and synthesis, and they refine their ability to present and defend their ideas.

We foster a culture of mutual support and respect through classroom activities like peer review. Students learn to give and receive compliments about their work. They learn to be accountable but also to appreciate one another’s strengths—and their own.

Carolyn Borys, Faculty since 2008

Upper school students focused on their homework, collaborating and studying together in a classroom.

Upper School Opportunities

Math instruction in both grades is differentiated so that teachers are able to provide support and enrichment as needed. The introduction of Latin deepens their study and understanding of language. Upper school students have the opportunity to join our competitive athletics program. As part of the New York City Athletic League, our teams compete in soccer, cross-country, basketball, volleyball, and track and field.

The secondary school application and placement process is a pivotal time of growth and self-discovery. By the time they graduate, our students come to see themselves as talented, insightful contributors to our school and the world.