Middle school is a time of new beginnings and profound physical, intellectual, and emotional changes. Our program provides reliable structures so that children feel a sense of security and belonging. We emphasize study skills to ensure solid academic performance and work closely with students to help them organize their thoughts and express ideas with confidence.

Grades 4 and 5 are a time for many “firsts”—overnight trips, student socials, research projects, and student council participation, among others. The middle school faculty - who have been carefully placed to attend to students at this pivotal stage of development - guide their students through these new endeavors, instilling in them the skills, confidence, and work habits that will help them succeed at St. Hilda’s & St. Hugh’s and beyond.

Virginia Connor, Head of School

Students in school uniforms standing in a hallway, with middle school boys waiving and girls in the background.

Middle School Opportunities

Students are responsible for interdisciplinary projects and research papers. The core curriculum includes study in English, social studies, science, mathematics, arts, world languages, and religious knowledge. As they mature, opportunities for leadership emerge. Students have the chance to serve on the student council, audition for lead roles in our productions, and mentor younger students in science exhibitions and other collaborative activities.