Fostering a Dynamic Co-Educational Environment

Our founder’s vision was that children would learn from one another and about one another. Co-education was part of this philosophy. In 1950, she chose to create a co-educational school, and today, we believe that all children benefit.

Our faculty create small, inclusive classroom communities where students learn to listen to, respect, and incorporate the unique perspectives of every individual. This creates a richer and more complete understanding of the world around them.  in order to create a richer and more complete understanding of the world around them. We believe that students develop confidence and self-esteem with guidance from engaged teachers who know them well, value each child‘s strengths, and reinforce students' belief in themselves.

Co-educational environments mimic what the world looks like. All adults will enter into professional or educational environments at some point or another where they will interact with people of all genders. Having experience with working alongside all types of people as well as knowing what it's like to form relationships with people of all genders strengthens our students ability to empathize and connect with others throughout their lives.
Nicole Johnson, Lower Division Director


Our mission statement that ‘all creation is sacred’ reminds us to appreciate and cherish the uniqueness of every child and to do all that we can to help each student feel loved, respected, and understood.”Virginia Connor, Head of School