In the Classroom and Beyond

This is a sampling of the work that is done in our classrooms

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are not simply components of our identity - they are a lens through which we view every aspect of our curriculum and each component of our day. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to this ongoing work and to ensuring that each child sees themselves represented in their educational environment. 

Heritage and Awareness Months

The school’s yearly calendar reflects a variety of national heritage months, feast days, and national/religious holidays to keep the deep diversity of our nation’s population at the center of our prayers and understanding. These heritage months are those set forth by the United States Library of Congress. Over the course of the year, the focus of Chapel will be to bring our students to a deeper understanding of their own lived experiences and those of others. These heritage months are in line with Mother Ruth’s mission for the school and they imbue our community's daily life by influencing the work done in our classrooms, the presentations given during chapel, and the screen imagery displayed throughout our building.

Monthly DEI Reading Lists

Click on the links below to view the book recommendation lists created by our librarian, Angela Perna, for each heritage and awareness month that we celebrate. They are thoughtfully organized into "Picture Books" and "Chapter Books and Novels" with suggestions about appropriate age ranges as well as summaries.