Grade 2

In second grade, students solidify skills and develop confidence in their academic abilities. 

Second grade students continue to acquire and apply more advanced phonics skills, and they begin to focus on comprehension, specifically identifying the main idea and supporting details, in their reading. When writing, students learn to articulate their ideas and to incorporate sentence structure and grammar conventions. Students learn to use graphic organizers to help them incorporate the necessary elements in their work. In second grade we introduce cursive writing, with an emphasis on proper letter formation.

In social studies, students develop a global awareness through their study of the seven continents. They document their study in a travel journal that they maintain throughout the year. Parents are invited to give presentations to the class about their family’s country of origin and traditions or about places they have lived. There is an emphasis on geography and map skills and many projects that overlap into other areas of study, such as science and technology.

In math, students further develop their skills through concrete activities and drills with addition, subtraction, and problem solving. Students continue to work on place value, concepts of time, and money. A highlight of the second grade math curriculum is the introduction of word problems and strategies to solve more complex and multi-step equations.

Second grade can be a challenging year emotionally and developmentally, so the curriculum is structured to bolster students’ knowledge and confidence. The faculty and I pay extra-close attention to our students at this age.” Virginia Connor, Head of School

Second Grade Highlights

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