Welcome to Lower School (Grades 1-3)

Welcome to the Lower School! 

Lower school at St. Hilda’s & St. Hugh’s encompasses first through third grade. Entrance into the lower school marks a progression in our students’ educational experience, from our play-based early childhood program to a more structured environment. The changes are visible and tangible—children wear uniforms, sit in desks, and have weekday homework for the first time—but the goals and spirit of the program remain consistent. A carefully planned curriculum, close connections between teachers and students, and thorough academic preparation provide students with the confidence they need to progress as learners and as citizens of a caring community.

Our students embrace the new expectations of lower school, and the program and schedule provide students with many opportunities to form strong bonds with one another. Academically, their growing ability to work independently is balanced with opportunities for group work. Socially, both classes come together at least three times daily to eat and play—at lunch, recess, and in physical education class.

Working with the students and parents of the lower school is immensely gratifying for all of us on the lower division faculty. We cherish the opportunity to take part in our students’ physical, emotional, and academic growth in these primary educational years.



Nicole Johnson
Lower Division Director 

Lower Division Administrative Team

Grace Han

Lower Division Program Coordinator