Physical Education

St. Hilda’s & St. Hugh’s endeavors to educate the whole child—body, mind, and spirit. Physical education and our athletics program help us achieve that goal.

Coordination, lifetime fitness, leadership, confidence, and the ability to work as a team improve children’s performance in the classroom and prepare them to take ownership of their own health and wellness.

Children in nursery and junior kindergarten have movement classes to increase locomotor skills and eye-hand coordination. We integrate music and literature, and provide age-appropriate equipment to build skills. There is an emphasis on play—the work of children. All children at this level have scheduled outdoor play time twice a day, which offers them opportunities for unstructured play. Senior kindergarten through third grade classes participate in daily physical education. Units include team sports, ball skills, jump rope, circus skills, and multi-cultural games.

A fully-equipped, regulation-size gymnasium, an indoor playspace and climbing wall, and a half-block-long, protected roof playdeck afford ample space for physical activity within the school building.

Michaelmas 2019

All School Relay 2019