Explore Upper Division (Grades 4-8)

Upper Division

With their entry into the upper division, students encounter new academic and intellectual challenges. With each transition carefully stewarded, students begin to take greater responsibility for their education and play a more active role in the school community.

The upper division is a time for many “firsts”—overnight trips, student socials, team sports, and student council participation, among others. The upper division faculty, who have been carefully placed to attend to students at this pivotal stage of development, guide their students through these new endeavors, instilling in them the skills, confidence, and work habits that will help them succeed at St. Hilda’s & St. Hugh’s and beyond.

Middle School (Grades 4-6)

Middle school is a time of rapid change, and so we provide structures that give students a sense of security and belonging. In middle school, we emphasize study skills to help students comprehend and express ideas, and organize their thoughts and work.

In each grade, students are responsible for interdisciplinary projects and research papers that are assigned to help them identify areas of interest, find outlets for new skills, and realize the pleasures and rewards of scholarship. The curriculum includes study in English, social studies, science, mathematics, art, and second languages. Specials include art, daily P.E., brass band or chorus, greenhouse, religious knowledge, performing arts, technology, and human growth and development.



Upper School (Grades 7-8)

Courses in the upper school focus on developing analytical thought in young adolescents.

We ask students to extrapolate meaning from primary and secondary sources, to compare and contrast material, and to summarize their thoughts in expository writing. During class discussions, students present and defend their ideas. We also introduce the study of Latin, from which students gain a deep understanding of grammatical structure and the roots of English and other languages. We expect our upper schoolers to read and write with enjoyment and acumen. Above all, we expect our students to see themselves as talented, insightful, and active participants in our local and global communities.

GeoGames Trivia

The GeoGames Trivia board is located on the fourth floor. It is run by Duane Bailey-Castro (Grade 6 Homeroom and Social Studies, Upper Division Photography, Upper Division Leadership Initiatives Coordinator) and is open to all Upper Division students. 

After the inaugural Grades 4-8 Geography Bee in May 2019, the GeoGames Trivia board was created in response to the enthusiasm that the event generated. Throughout the school year, a new set of 5 questions is posted every 2 weeks. Questions are based upon a map which is also displayed on the board below. Anyone who is interested may submit their answers on a blank piece of paper, and all those who answer every question correctly win a small prize. Mr. Bailey-Castro explains, "The GeoGames Trivia board and spring Geography Bee competition provide additional opportunities for geography to be studied at school. It can be challenging to find ample time to do this important work regularly in the standard curriculum. The GeoGames Trivia board is intended to get students excited about geography, maps, and flags and to encourage all students to engage in this content, especially those who might think they aren't good when it comes to geography." 

Can you answer all of the sample GeoGames Trivia questions below? (Click to enlarge.)


Upper Division Team