Grade 5

Learners in Motion 

If fourth graders begin the year somewhat tentatively, by fifth grade students are ready for anything. Their teachers capitalize on their playful enthusiasm for new concepts and material. With confidence gained from the previous year, students continue to explore their independence and test boundaries. No longer fearful of mistakes, students charge into their academic subjects and special activities. 



Curriculum Highlights

  • Literary selections include: The Giver and Boy
  • Ancient history (Africa, Egypt, Greece, India, Mesopotamia)
  • World geography
  • Introduction to biological science, including microscope use
  • Research skills class
  • Greek myths

Fifth Grade Science Fair

Our students’ first long-term science project engages our young scientists in a quest to test the scientific method and prove their findings.

We foster a culture of mutual support and respect through classroom activities like peer review. Students learn to give and receive compliments about their work. They learn to be accountable but also to appreciate one another’s strengths—and their own.” Carolyn Borys, Fifth Grade Teacher
Faculty Since 2008