Secondary School Placement

Close guidance from the head of school and dedicated support from administrators and faculty characterize the secondary school placement program at St. Hilda’s & St. Hugh’s. Our graduates identify this process as a defining experience in their development as students and people. 

The placement process begins in the spring of seventh grade, when our head of school and director of secondary school placement meet with students and families and begin to identify their hopes and aspirations for the next phase of their education. During the fall, as students and parents visit schools and complete applications, the upper division faculty devote themselves to writing recommendations and providing additional supports to their students. In the spring, students gain acceptance and make their final decisions.

Our students are accepted into the country's most competitive public and private high schools, and many have gone on to the nation's top universities. St. Hilda's & St. Hugh's graduates are eagerly sought because of their fine character and the quality of their academic preparation. 



It’s a big process, but your child learns so much going through it. They learn about themselves, and you learn more about them too. It was a very rewarding experience for our family.”Parent ’13, ’16

Graduation 2019