The children are at the center of all we do. They are sacred, and we are expected to treat them as such. When this belief guides your teaching and your daily interactions with your students and colleagues, the result is a close community in which all individuals are valued and loved.”Gretchen Kane, Second Grade Teacher, 
Faculty Since 1998


Susan Cirigliano

Titles: Lower Division Art

Eliza Clark

Titles: Senior Kindergarten

Virginia Connor

Titles: Head of School

Lauren Cooke

Titles: Grade 5

Iwona Coronado

Titles: Beginners Assistant, Lower Division Assistant

Eliza Crescentini

Titles: Director of Human Resources

Jenna Crimmins

Titles: Physical Education

Carmine Curcio

Titles: Front Desk, Coaching Staff

Katie De Vries

Titles: Grade 7 Homeroom, Upper Division Performing Arts, Director of Children's Theater

Giovanna deChiara

Titles: Grade 4

Megan Delaney

Titles: Director of Communications

Yaniza Doré

Titles: Junior Kindergarten Assistant

Kate Dworkoski

Titles: Director of Admission

Erik Echevarria

Titles: Front Desk
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46% have taught at St. Hilda’s & St. Hugh’s for 10 years or more

71% hold advanced degrees in education or in their subject of specialty

100% participation in professional development each year

100% participation in the annual fund